For the latest on British tennis visit the Lawn Tennis Association site

British tennis isn't exactly booming, but it has one world class player, and some promising women rising up the rankings. To keep tabs on developments ahead of Wimbledon, British tournaments and Davis Cup ties, head for the Lawn Tennis Association website.

The Lawn Tennis Association (www.lta.org.uk) is the governing body of British tennis, covering every aspect of the sport from the grass-roots (literally) up to international competition.

Their player matrix keeps track of emerging British players, and ranks the performances in tournaments and tour competitions. This is an important issue, as a player's ranking can define the amount of funding they receive, and whether they might receive wild cards for Wimbledon.

The LTA website is also the place to head for news of Britain's latest Davis Cup ties. On the weekend of September 16-18 Britain faces Hungary in the vital Europe/Africa Zone Group II promotion play-off. The tie will be played at Glasgow's Braehead Arena with Andy Murray hoping for another passionate Scottish crowd to cheer on the British number one and his team.

The LTA site is not just about top professionals. It's an ideal resource if you want to find details of schools tennis, local clubs, coaching courses and summer camps in your area, with a search facility to help you locate the relevant information.

For tennis enthusiasts who want to make a career out of coaching, the Lawn Tennis Association also offers courses and qualifications, and has devised a pathway for ambitious coaches to rise through the various qualifications stages. They also administer a system of licensing and accrediting coaches.

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