Last seasons ski jackets on the cheap!

Last seasons ski jackets are always a great purchase. You can get the very best from the season that just passed for up to 50% off. These jackets are still absolutely amazing and the upgrades on newer models are generally minute.

A lot of people have realised that this is the way to go, especially if you are casual skier or snowboarder. There are so many great jackets from 2010 that we can't list them all, here are a few of the best though.

Spyder Lightning Womens Insulated Ski Jacket: This jacket from 2010 was one of the favourite with pros and casual skiers alike. It is a beautiful White/Malibu Blue/Sunlit jacket with a tonne of really good features.

Ventilation zippers, internal drawcord at hem, removable, rollaway hood, an internal powder skirt with custom snaps and all of the critical seams taped to prevent moisture or cold getting though the jacket. This jacket was originally £200 and is now only £60 on amazon.co.uk. Be sure to check this out!

Animal Grunt Mens Skiing jacket: The animal Grunt is another jacket from 2010 and is currently on ebay.co.uk for only £54.99! Again this is a fully waterproof jacket that will also keep the cold and wind at bay. This is thanks to  a 5000mm waterproof, 5000mm breathable 100% nylon twill.

Again the jacket has critically taped seams, critical insulation, detachable hood, fixed lycra snow cuffs, one handed adjusters at hem and hood along with a whole load of other great features.

There you have it, proof that last seasons ski jackets are the business when it comes to price and quality.

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