Lampard's fear over Chelsea contract

Will he stay or will he go? Frank Lampard's Chelsea future seems to be in doubt after his contract negotiations stalled. It seems that the current England international and former arthouse film director has lost patience with Chelsea's dillydallying.

Theologian and Chelsea fan Saint Augustine once said, "Patience is the companion of wisdom." Lamps showed all of his yesterday by issuing a "Sort my future out NOW!" ultimatum to Expert magazine's man of the year 2003, Roman Abramovich.

It seems Frank Jr feels neglected by Roman, who arrives home late after going out drinking with his mates and never buys him flowers anymore.

But according to the Lamps himself he's in more demand than Ashley Alexandra Dupre: "I’ve been approached by the club a few times saying they are going to come to me with an offer but they haven’t followed it up." Football clubs and men are all the same.

After kissing the badge and painting himself blue Frank Jr added, "If we get to the summer and still nothing happens, I’ll be down to the last year of my contract. And that is not a position I want to be in. It has dragged on all season and that’s not an ideal thing for me."

So it looks like a car stuffed with pies and marked Wide Load could be making its way towards Juventus or Inter in the Summer.

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