Lampard: Drogba was provoked by fans

Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard has called on the FA to be lenient with Didier Drogba following his coin-throwing incident against Burnley at Stamford Bridge.

Instead Lamps has called for the footballing authorities to crack down on boisterous fans arguing that Drogba was provoked by the away fans. The Ivory Coast striker is facing a three match ban after throwing a coin towards the Burnley supporters and then giving them the finger.

Lampard told reporters that: "There are two sides to it. Didier's come out and there's been a reaction, a human reaction I have to say, which Jamie Carragher made once. He's come out straight away and said he's made a mistake."

"People also have got to stop throwing things on the pitch. I was around Didier at the time and I don't how many coins there were around."

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