Lalas believes Beckham may never return to LA

Former LA Galaxy manager Alexi Lalas believes that David Beckham may never return to Major League Soccer after experiencing European football again with AC Milan.

The former 33-year-old England captain has signed with the Italian giants until the end of March, but Lalas told BBC Radio 5 Live that the MLS club should be worried: "If I was still at the Galaxy, yes, I'd fear it. He has to do what he feels is appropriate for his career."

Lalas continued: "He's back in his comfort zone at AC Milan, playing with one of the biggest clubs in the world, with a tremendous amount of talent around him, with incredible money out there on the field so it must be, in a weird way for him, a relief to get out there."

But, Simon Oliveira, a spokesman for Beckham has made it clear that the midfielder will be back in Los Angeles at the start of March to get ready for the new MLS season.

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