LA Galaxy: Beckham will return to the MLS

David Beckham will not be moving to Milan permanently according to Tim Leiweke the chief executive of the LA Galaxy. The former England captain moved to Italy on a short-term deal but has since declared his desire to finish his career with the Serie A club.

Milan are believed to have made a bid of $3m for Beckham but Leiweke dismissed the offer as "ridiculous" and has insisted that he won't be taken for a ride by the Italian club. "We are not close," Leiweke told the Gazzetta dello Sport.

"Two weeks ago Milan made a ridiculous offer to which I replied 'no' in a few seconds. With that figure, Galaxy don't even cover the damages deriving from the shortfalls of not selling his shirts," Leiweke continued. "Since then, no one has made any moves. There are no meetings arranged."

Leiweke's statement will come as a surprise to Milan fans after officials at the Italian club had suggested that a deal for Becks was close to being sealed. "I have decided to speak up because I have read too many inaccurate stories," Leiweke told the Italian sports daily. "After that ridiculous offer, Milan have not done anything. They have tried other people, from the commissioner of the league to David's representatives, but not us, who own his rights."

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