Kung fu style horror tackle in the Bundeslega

Werder Bremen beat Hamburg 1-0 in the Bundeslega's northern derby at the weekend, but the game was overshadowed by a Kung fu style horror tackle in the 42nd minute. Bremen goalie Tim Wiese came running out of his goal to clear a long ball, missed it and connected with the head of Hamburg's Ivica Olic.

Wiese's tackle was reminiscent of Harald Schumacher's infamous attack on the French player Patrick Battiston at the 1982 World Cup, and just like Schumacher, Wiese wasn't given his marching orders.

Franz Beckenbaeur described the tackle as "almost an assassination attempt", but Wiese was unrepentant stating after the game that, "I played the ball, then he ran into me". Asked if he was lucky not to be sent off Werder's goalkeeper replied, "I really don't give a shit. We won." Charming.

Check out the videos of the Wiese-Olic incident, Schumacher-Battiston, Rüştü trying to take Kieron Dyer's head off and then fly-hacking the ball to safety, and finally Sheffield United's Paddy Kenny, yep you read that right, showing everyone how it's done.

Wiese-Olic incident Schumarer-Battiston
Rüştü-Dyer Paddy Kenny Kung Fu Kick

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