Where to buy Kookaburra cricket bats in the UK

If you're on the hunt for Kookaburra cricket bats, chances are you've taken your search online to get some great deals. There's an online retailer that caters for the UK and also offers worldwide delivery, so let's have a look at what you can expect to pay and where you should go?

Vks.com is one of the largest online retailers of cricket goods, and you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for at this site. There are not only cricket bats here but balls, gloves, leg guards, helmets, clothing and wicket-keeping gear. If you're looking for footwear, bags or holdalls, accessories, sunglasses or cricket sets you're also in luck!

Kookaburra bats are in abundance here, and navigating to this section will take your breath away! You're spoilt for choice here and with prices starting at just £29.99 for a Junior bat, there's something everyone could afford.

Delivery is very affordable and for mainland deliveries in the UK you could pay as little as £6.00 to have your order delivered right to your door. Next-day delivery is only £9.00, so it's easy to see how you could save money by buying online, without even leaving your home. The Kahuna 1000 sells here for only £299.99. If you know your cricket gear, you'll probably know that these bats sell elsewhere for as much as £399.00, so this price means a saving of 25%. This item is also eligible for free delivery. If you're looking for something more affordable the Kahuna 300 sells for only £104.99, and this makes it more affordable than the other models. You even have a choice between a long or short handle.

Head on over and see for yourself, there are Kookaburra cricket bats in almost any price range, so go ahead and spoil yourself!

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