KK – okay?

We’d love it, right, we’d love it if we beat them (the other blogs/news sources etc) at bringing you an interesting factoid about Kevin Keegan. His name is actually Joseph – straight up. He’s not KK at all – he’s JK. Wonder if he’ll prove to be like his musical counterpart. In the same way that J-Kay and Jamiroquai produce exactly the same tune (but different) every time they release a single, will JKeegan produce the self-same cavalier style of football that so nearly bagged them the title back in the 1995-6 season?


Let’s hope Keegs doesn’t adopt JK’s other familiar trait of tangling messily with the media outside nightclubs.

It was a shock to hear he’s returning to Newcastle after admitting to Gabby Logan only a few months ago that he was never coming back to our beautiful game. Managers, eh? Can’t trust a word they say.

Hammers were unlucky last night.

(Image: from YouTube)

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