Kinnear launches foul mouthed tirade against journalists

Joe Kinnear’s first week in charge at Newcastle has, if nothing else, provided some brilliant off field entertainment. First the former Wimbledon boss cursed live on BBC’s Football Focus, then he was served with a four match touchline ban for a calling a referee ‘coco the clown’ back in 2004.

But Joe topped all of that in his first official press conference for Newcastle yesterday, launching into a foul mouthed tirade against local journalists. Not only did he drop enough F-Bombs to wipe out a small city, but Kinnear opened the conference by calling one reporter a c**t.

Below is the tape of what will go down in Premier League history as one of the best press conferences of all time. Sadly it looks like Joe won’t have too many opportunities to repeat his stellar performance. It now looks as if Kevin Keegan will make his third coming at Newcastle, with reports that Mike Ashley is set to sell the club to a South African consortium.

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