King Kenny

Jamie Carragher has said that he would like Kenny Dalglish to stay on as Liverpool manager, after he guided the Reds to a sensational victory against Chelsea yesterday afternoon.

Liverpool won 1-0 in Sunday’s big clash between the champions and struggling Liverpool, with Fernando Torres failing to make a mark on his former teammates’ sturdy defence, and the centre-back is convinced that Dalglish’s tactical nous is what the club needs if it’s going to progress.

‘I have great respect for Roy, so I'd never say 'things have changed for the better' and that type of stuff,’ said Carragher. ‘As a club and as players we didn't do enough to help the manager out – the performances weren't good enough and obviously the managers take the brunt of it.

‘But things have improved now and Kenny coming has got everyone onside. It's not our decision if he gets the job. That's up to the club owners. But for everyone, especially me and Stevie (Gerrard), he's a hero to us. The results are obviously going very well. If you're asking me, obviously I'd love him to be the manager.’

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