Where to find kids rugby kit online

When looking for a kids rugby kit, the first place you should look is undoubtedly http://www.kit-matters.co.uk which offers a wide variety of junior kits in a brilliant array of varying designs.

There brilliant Gilbert junior shirt is currently being sold at £18.00 and it includes reinforced seams on tension points and a lightweight design to enhance performance on the field. Gilbert's best selling Xact Rugby shirt is selling for kids at just £22.00 and really is one of the best in the market. Its excellent moisture management design technology and reinforced seams for durability are amongst the best features on the shirt. It comes in predominantly red with black sleeves but when placing an order, you can request a specific colour to match your teams colour.

It's not just rugby shirts www.kit-matters.co.uk specialises in, they also have plenty of Rugby boots on sale starting at kids size 13. Their Gilbert mercury boot is especially popular as a result of its excellent strength but significant lightweight design giving you the best of both worlds with regard to a Rugby boot. This boot starts at size 2 and is currently selling for £37.50 which is a reasonable price when you consider the excellent reputation this specific boot has as being the very best Gilbert has to offer. The website also offers all the varying accessories your child may need, from mouth guards to helmets. You will find it all at http://www.kit-matters.co.uk.

An alternative to this website is milletsports.com which also has a vast amount of junior Rugby kit on offer. They offer the very best equipment at competitive prices and you are urged to consider both websites before ultimately deciding which website you will purchase from. Both websites are specialist in the field of Rugby and take great pride in offering equipment for all including the specific age in question, children. The quality of products and the excellent prices they offer them at make these two sites two of the best when looking for a kids rugby kit.

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