Kick out Anti-Semitism

A new film has been made that aims to kick out one of the last strands of racism that exists in English football ground: anti-Semitism. The Y-word, a 90-second long film which will be shown at Stamford Bridge before Chelsea’s match against Tottenham, hopes to change the casual use of the word ‘Yid’ when talking about Tottenham Hotspur and their fans.

Arsenal, West Ham and Chelsea fans have a long history of using the term as a means of indentifying Spurs fans, and since at least the 1980s Spurs fans have taken on the term as a badge of identification. Now Kick It Out are trying to tackle the issue with the film, which was made by David and Ivor Baddiel, themselves both Chelsea fans.

‘The film is not intended to censor football fans,’ said David Baddiel. ‘It's simply to raise awareness that the y-word is – and has been for many, many years – a race-hate word. It's our belief that some football fans may not even realise this, and the film is designed therefore to inform and raise debate.’

‘This particular incident (fans chanting ‘Sieg Heil’ and ‘Spurs are on their Auschwitz’) was the worst that was directed around us. It was sheer, straightforward, violent antisemitism. No stewards did anything, no one around us did anything.

‘Some people are slightly flabbergasted when you tell them that yid is a racist word and that it makes me feel uncomfortable as a Jew.’

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