Khan set for rematch

A man at ringside appears to have resulted in Amir Khan being offered a rematch with Lamont Peterson, according to the Bolton fighter’s promoter.

There had been considerable controversy and conspiracy theories about Khan’s narrow defeat in December’s title fight in Washington. Khan has resorted to Twitter to highlight the suspicious activities of a man who had appeared to interfere with the judging process.

The man has been identified as Mustafa Ameen, an International Boxing Federation official, but no light has been shed on his involvement with the judging of the fight. Khan alleges that Ameen was seen celebrating with Peterson after the fight.

The titles were overseen by the WBA and IBF. Richard Schaefer of Golden Boy Promotions, Khan’s US promoters, confirmed that the WBA offered a rematch with Peterson and hopes the IBF will do the same.

"We have been informed today by the WBA that they will order an immediate rematch," he said. "That means that no fighter can take an interim fight, that the next fight for Peterson would be a rematch. We hope that the IBF will follow because that's the least they can do. The ruling of the WBA to order an immediate rematch should put additional pressures on the IBF."

Khan’s camp is hoping that the fight will be deemed a no-contest, which would mean Khan retains his titles. "We are just hoping for answers now," Khan tweeted. "We have left it with our promoters and legal team. Apparently the ruling for someone interfering with the scorecards or judges, the fight is ruled as a no-contest."

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