Khan ready to revive career

Amir Khan had an eventful week. Just two days after he and his brother fought off two carjackers, the boxer announced details of his latest professional fight: a bout against the undefeated American Carlos Molina.

After two successive defeats, Khan needs to revive his career, although he has chosen a tough opponent. "I've never taken any fight lightly and after two defeats it's important I come back stronger," he said. "Mentally I'm prepared and I know I've made mistakes, so I'm going to be training a hundred times harder than I've ever trained before."

Khan has changed trainers from Freddie Roach to Virgil Hunter. Hunter has been critical of Khan’s tactical approach, suggesting in a recent interview that "he doesn't have an understanding of boxing". Khan though insists he is ready to learn.

"When you start winning fights comfortably you sometimes forget the meaning of being a boxer," Khan said. "I think what Virgil wants me to do is go back to boxing again, but be a smart boxer and understand what I'm doing."

Khan admits that in his last two fights he lost his cool and forgot the tactics he had planned beforehand. "He needs to teach me to stick to a game plan because at times when I see red, I forget the game plan and start firing shots from all angles. Being a young fighter and a hungry and aggressive fighter, we do make a lot of mistakes. I put my hand up – in my last two fights I did make mistakes."

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