Khan rages as Peterson fails drug test

Amir Khan has even more reason to regret his fight against Lamont Peterson last December. The prospect of a rematch has been dashed by the revelation that Peterson has failed a drugs test that revealed a testosterone pellet had been embedded in his hip.

Khan was both outraged and unsurprised that he had lost that fight to a man who wasn’t boxing clean. "He was so strong," Khan said. "Now we know why. I've seen him fight numerous times but when I was hitting him, he just wasn't going back."

There had already been controversy attached to the judges’ scoring in the fight, but now it has emerged that this was not the only sinister aspect of the bout. "There was something there in that fight, that I couldn't get over," Khan told The Guardian. "There was the judging that wasn't right, for a start, the points taken off me by the referee. There was something going on there, man. I had to make an issue of it because if I didn't people would have said, look, he got beat, and I knew I didn't lose that fight fair and square."

Khan’s suspicions have been vindicated, but he remains alarmed by the implications of fighting a boxer who was on synthetic steroids. "He could have destroyed my career," Khan argued. "If I wasn't fit and strong and had the boxing skills I might never have been the same again. He didn’t respect my life and he doesn’t respect the sport."

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