Kev states the obvious

Another poor weekend for the Geordies and Kev is in the papers this morning. Not issuing a rallying cry and saying it’ll all be alright – instead, The Chosen One has let the Newcastle board know that he can’t guarantee keeping them up.

A bizarre admission, don’t you think? At the end of the day he’s stating the obvious, we suppose. He cites not being able to buy in any players in the January transfer window and tough fixtures as the reasons for the club’s ever-worsening situation. Mmm… that’s not really a reason for the abject paucity of chances Newcastle create at the moment, is it? Still, when Joey Barton is your best player, you know your squad is in trouble.

It’d be a shame if Newcastle went down, simply because of their fans and the contribution they make to the League. But, if you’re not good enough, you’re gonna go…

(Image: from YouTube)

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