Ken’s flaming at it again

Love him or hate him, you can’t ignore Ken Livingstone – mostly because he is constantly in the spotlight, lurching from one controversy to the next.

This week, Ken is in hot water for picking banned ex-hero Linford Christie – once the Olympic 100-metre sprint champ – to carry the Olympic torch through the capital. We’re making no comment about Christie and his lifetime ban from competing at the Olympics for testing positive in 1999 for use of a banned anabolic steroid.

But picking him does seem more an act of thumbing your nose at the International Olympic Committee than it does a genuine show of support for the shamed athlete. Doesn’t it? Anyway, what do Londoners care? As with all major sporting events, they’ll follow form and ignore its existence until the day it starts. Maybe that’s what Ken is trying to change?

(Image: from roebot’s flickr stream)

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