Kenny Dalglish happy with 'repsonsible' spending

Kenny Dalglish has defended Liverpool's humongous spending spree this summer, and said that the money that they have spent on players was 'responsible'.

The Reds have dug deep into Fenway Sports Group coffers and come out with nearly £50million on three midfielders: Jordan Henderson, Charlie Adam and Stuart Downing, which is the biggest outlay in the club's history (Carroll and Suarez were bought with the money got from Fernando Torres, remember). They are also still in the market for a left-back, and will almost certainly bid for Newcastle's José Enrique, who has expressed dismay at how the Tyneside club are being run. Dalglish is certainly very happy at how willing to open their wallets the owners are.

'It's been very impressive that they haven't flinched with the players that we have asked for and they have provided the money,' Dalglish said. 'The most important thing for us was getting people in and we've brought good people in.

'We've acted responsibly in the transfer market and we've also acted responsibly and respectfully with the owners, who have been fantastically supportive financially during the window. If there is a better owner that is as supportive as John Henry, then they have done very well for themselves because he's fantastically supportive.

'Certainly spending money does not guarantee you success but I don't know of any football club that has ever had success that has not spent money. So it is necessary. But it's even more important to spend it wisely.'

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