Keep your keks on, lads

Fabio Capello has said that he wants no more funny business from his players in the run up to the World Cup, especially not freezing out potential squad players by screwing their best mate’s ex-girlfriends. Isn’t that right, John Terry? Instead he wants the sort of scandal-less life that he himself leads (notwithstanding some interesting tax issues he had a while back, but let’s keep that on the hush-hush), and for the players to be role models to the little kiddies.

‘The private life is a big problem for some players, but also a big problem for their clubs and, in the end, for me,’ said Capello at a press conference leading up to England's friendly with Egypt this evening. ‘It'll be really important that the players, in this last period, are careful in their own private lives at every moment. These are important players and they have to be an example to the children and all the fans. For that reason, they have to stay careful and sacrifice something in their lives.

‘I remember in Spain, players would go to the disco and sometimes drink something, but they did not have big problems with different players, different girls, different women. These are young players, young boys, but rich boys… this is the problem.

‘It's not only here that it is a problem. In Italy, in Germany, in Spain – in every country where football is so important, like it is here – it's the same problem.’

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