Keep fighting, say McLaren to Button and Hamilton

We look set to have quite an exciting finish to the Formula 1 season, if McLaren's attitude to their two drivers is anything to go by: the team's management have revealed that they want both their drivers competing equally for the world title, even if it means repeating the scenes from the Hungarian Grand Prix this weekend.

Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton went wheel to wheel as they battled for the lead, a lead which changed hand four times within five laps. It was a battle that could have put both drivers out of the race, and was by far the most interesting thing that happened the whole Grand Prix. It was also a battle that Button won.

'We are not about to compromise our values and what we believe with our racing at McLaren,' Jonathan Neale, the team's managing director, said. 'When we were in Canada we let them get on with it and they had a coming together. It's risky but when you have back-to-back world champs you have to respect they are the ones there in the moment.

'Everybody has to run their team by their rules but if you look back through our history, the way that we go about racing is having good drivers, give them a good car and let them do what they do best.'

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