Keegan set for crunch talks with Ashley at Newcastle

Kevin Keegan is set to have crunch talks tomorrow with Newcastle owner Mike Ashley. Ashley is said to have been angered by Keegan's post match comments following the 2-0 defeat to Chelsea in which the Newcastle manager said that the team were "a million miles away" from the Premiership's top four.

Looking melancholy and frustrated throughout the interview, Keegan bemoaned the lack of transfer funds that are available to build a decent squad. The Newcastle players were reportedly unimpressed by the manager's outburst seeing it as an indirect criticism of their ability.

While Super Kev has never been one to keep his thoughts to himself, his outburst reflected the truth of the situation at the club. Newcastle aren't good enough to challenge the top four teams and most of the players on the Chelsea bench on Monday, Joe Cole, Shaun Wright Phillips, Shevchenko, would walk straight into the Newcastle first team.

But with Ashley said to have installed Chris Hughton as first team coach without consulting Keegan first, and Dennis Wise waiting in the wings, it looks like it's all going to end in tears for Keegan.

Keegan's post Chelsea interview

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