Keegan looks set to leave Newcastle

Kevin Keegan's second spell in charge at Newcastle United looks to be coming to a shambolic end. Yesterday there were rumours that the former England manager had been sacked, but this story was later quashed by officials from Newcastle who claimed that Keegan hadn't made it clear if he wanted to continue in the job.

According to the Guardian, Keegan and Newcastle's billionaire owner, Mike Ashley, are hammering out a severance package. The former Fulham and Manchester City boss is said to be looking for an £8m pay off, but there is a clause in his contract which states that he gets nothing if he resigns.

The relationship between manager and owner has been frayed ever since Dennis Wise was appointed director of football at the club. But things came to a head this week when it was reported that the Newcastle board had tried to sell Michael Owen behind Super Kev's back. All in all it looks like it will be yet another sad ending for Kevin Keegan at a Premier League football club.

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