Keegan eyeing Superbowl finalists?

With a transfer arsenal of some 18.9billion Thai bart, allegedly, Kevin Keegan is turning his attentions to footballers of a different kind.

With this weekend’s Superbowl play-off finals dominating the sports headlines, could The Holy One be set to raid the squads of some of the NFL’s top teams? Both the Houston Radiators and the Boston Stranglers are on stand-by to receive offers.

A source close to Tyneside – nothing to do with the club, but living just up the road in Southshields – suggests: “Kevin could look to American Football to bolster his squad. There are rumours of new Fifa rules coming into place soon that will allow players to handle the ball in the penalty area. So American imports could do well here. And Keegan could especially do with a tight end and a chunky blocker to shore up his back four.”

The Toon Army is instinctively welcoming to foreign imports (such as Rob Lee, Gary Speed and Tino Asprilla) so American Footballers could do well at the club.

(Image: from farlane’s flickr stream)

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