Keane says Neville won't be big influence

Gary Neville has barely started his job as Roy Hodgson’s assistant with England and already he has been the target of scepticism. It comes from his former captain at Manchester United, Roy Keane, who dismissed the notion that Neville would be an influential figure in the England camp.

"Listen, Gary can talk," Keane told The Guardian, "but don't think for one minute he was as influential in the dressing room as people might think he was. Gary would say his piece but he wasn't running the show. Far from it."

Neville’s reputation for being forthright has mostly been gained in his first year as a Sky Sports pundit, where he has made a far more impressive switch to the media than, say, Roy Keane. That is rather different to the England role though.

"Don't think for one minute he will be going into England and calling the shots,” Keane said. "He will be learning his trade and being a link between the manager and the players, and I think he will be good at that."

Keane does think it worrying that Neville will be combining his media jobs with the England position, and sees a conflict of interest there. "That can be difficult," Keane said. "You can get your way around criticising players by saying: 'I'd expect the player to do better.' He probably won't be as critical as me and speak in the terms I do."

Not as critical as Roy Keane? Neville will probably feel he can work within those parameters without too much difficulty.

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