Features of Karbon Ski Jackets For Men

Karbon ski jackets for men, as well as other products manufactured by this company, are made in Vietnam. Karbon jackets are cheap in comparison to other sportswear brands, however, are produced with high quality standards. Karbon ski jackets for men have some disadvantages. For example, their seams are usually not taped. This means the jacket is susceptible to getting wet in the snow and in heavy rain. Untapped ski clothes are typically considered a low-budget variant for non-intensive skiing in dry weather. The price of jackets made by Karbon starts at £55. Therefore, they can be purchased by people who are not able to afford more expensive sportswear.


Karbon ski jackets for men are usually made of reliable, quality materials. Some materials include Aerosport fabric, Karbonite 20,000, Tiusport-3 3 polymer fabric, Hydrolite-3 3 polymer fabric, Karbonite 15,000, Dynamx-e fabric, and Karbon Limited fabric. These materials allow for the jacket design to be lightweight and durable. They can be washed in a washing machine without damage. Some of the jackets have wrist cuffs made of lycra. The seams are sealed and taped. Also, there are some welded details inside the jacket.

Karbon Jacket Features

Wearing a Karbon ski jacket will always feel comfortable. Everything in the design is weighed very carefully. For example, multi-function internal mesh pockets are convenient for keeping your accessories. If you are a music lover and can’t live without your radio set or audio system, you can keep it in a special pocket. Some of the jackets are equipped with a thermal back panel or a pass holder. Most of them even have underarm venting for your comfort. If you don’t want to wear the insulated hood, you can easily remove it. The powder skirt (usually made of lycra) can be zipped and detached. There are also molded cuff adjusters and welded waterproof zippers. You can wear Karbon jackets for men in any type of weather. Different sizes are available.


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