Kaka to City deal could still go ahead

The Kaka to Manchester City story looks set to become the Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid of the January transfer window with reports in the English and Italian press that AC Milan are willing to sell the Brazilian star.

The player himself underlined his desire to remain at the San Siro for the rest of his career, but with City offering £107m, Milan general manager Adriano Galliani has told the press that the Serie A club is in debt and needs to balance the books.

"The club have debts and a good club should know how to settle them on their own, without running to their owners", Galliani said. "However, the future of Kaka is not already set in stone. We still have to evaluate, think hard and decide."

Mark Hughes, however, is reported to have said that deal is still far from completion. But it is still not clear if the City boss is controlling transfers and that is not a good sign for the future of the club with or without Kaka.

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