Kaka staying at Milan

After what seems like weeks of “will he, won’t he”, it’s been confirmed Kaka WON’T be joining Manchester City.

In an honourable decision from the former World Player Of The Year, the enticing offer of mega bucks wasn’t enough to lure his bag of wind kicking skills to the Sheikh-makers.

Kaka (pronounced Kerching in his native Portuguese) was rumoured to be offered a meagre £500,000 per week (inc. Saturday and some evening shifts) in the £100m move.

Man City’s executive chairman Garry Cook accused AC Milan of “bottling it” over the move; "If you want my personal opinion they bottled it," he told Five Live. "He clearly was for sale but we never got to meet with the player, the behaviour of AC Milan got in the way."

Not all bad though, they have just completed the signing of the Welsh Kaka, Craig Bellamy from West Ham United for 14m.

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