Jumpers for goalposts at Fratton Park

Portsmouth 7-4 Reading

Arsene Wenger, interviewed by France Football (and translated by the Observer: we’re not going to pretend we’re that clever), has said that English football is at a crossroads, and needs to find out “how to continue improving the quality without losing its soul”.

Based on Saturday’s events at Fratton Park, we don’t have too much to worry about. Portsmouth beat Reading 7-4 – that’s SEVEN goals to FOUR – in the highest-scoring match in Premier League history. While we feel for Steve Coppell, who watched his side score four and lose by a three-goal margin, can anyone really doubt that the Premier League is still in touch with its roots?

That score belongs on a recreation ground with no sidelines, 20-a-side with jumpers/bikes/trees for goalposts and rush goalies (which David James seems to have remembered pretty well). The only way it could have been improved would have been by removing the nets, so James and Marcus Hahnemann had to take the long walk of shame to retrieve the ball from the bushes 50 yards away every one of those 11 times.

Must go now, it’s time for our tea… and yes, we’re taking our ball with us.

(Image: Jaqian's Flickr stream)

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