Journalists robbed at gunpoint in South Africa

A Portuguese journalist has been robbed at gun point by a gang of thieves while in his hotel room in South Africa, while two others in the same hotel were robbed while they slept.

Antonio Simoes, who works for the Portuguese newspaper ‘O Jogo’, woke at around 4am this morning and saw two men in his room at the Nutbush Boma Lodge outside of Magaliesburg, at which point the men pointed the gun at him while they took his stuff. The thieves also took stuff from the fellow journalists who was sharing the room with – Miguel Serrano from Spanish sports daily Marca and Rui Gustavo Morais – while they slept.

‘One of the guys pointed a hand gun at my head, and then they took all my gear – cameras, lenses, laptop,’ said Simoes. ‘Then they told me to lie on the bed and they covered me with a blanket, pressed the gun against my head and told me to sleep. The whole thing took one or two minutes, but it felt like hours.

‘We had already complained to the Portuguese federation that the security left a lot to be desired,’ Serrano said. ‘But we never thought that something like this would happen.’

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