José Mourinho named Real Madrid manager

José Mourinho has finally been officially unveiled as Real Madrid’s new manager, after he signed a four-year contract to manage the club. The Portuguese takes over after Manuel Pellegrini was given the sack – his punishment for not doing better than Barcelona in the league, and for failing miserably in the Champions League – with the job of making Madrid the world beaters they should be.

‘I like to give myself a challenge and this is a big one,’ said Mourinho at today’s media circus. ‘I have a lot of confidence in myself and my ability as a coach. I don't know if I was born to coach Real Madrid but I was born to be a football coach. I am Jose Mourinho and I don't change. I arrive with all my qualities and my defects.

‘I am very enthusiastic and I want my players to think that way. The beauty is not so much to train or play at Real, but to win at Real Madrid. I have a lot of confidence in my players, I have the hope that my new players have confidence in me.

One of the most important issues confronting Mourinho is the number of star players the club has going forward, and the relative shoddy nature of the midfield and back line. As well as that, he has a job in his hands trying to get arch egotist Cristiano Ronaldo to tow the line, and to make Real Madrid perform like a team.

‘I understand that Ronaldo is an important player for Real and for the world of football. But my players must understand that the most important thing is the club. Cristiano likes to win, so if he likes to win it is not difficult to persuade him the most important thing is not the coach or the players but the club. If we all work as a group we will get results.’

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