Jose Mourinho - like Adolf Hitler

Everyone knows that Jose Mourinho isn’t exactly everybody’s cup of tea: he has a combative aggressive style with opponents, and the when things aren’t going his way he’s the first to scream conspiracy. The regrettable scenes that accompanied the classico Champions League semi-final was the man at his worst.

However it’s a brave man that compares him to Adolf Hitler, architect of the history’s most chilling genocide. But that doesn’t bother former Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon, who did just – while talking to a Catalan radio station. Ouch.

‘You can have millions of fans cheering for you, but Hitler was also acclaimed by millions of people before he took a tumble,’ Calderon told ONA FM. ‘I feel sorry for Madrid and Florentino. Yesterday (during the announcement that Valdano will leave Madrid) I had the sensation of seeing a student who didn't know the lesson taking a primary exam.

‘They talked so much about dysfunction that they may as well of been talking about erectile dysfunction. It reflects a pathetic picture. It was like seeing a corpse in search of a coffin.’

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