José Mourinho 'destroying Spanish football' says Gerard Pique

Barcelona's Gerard Pique has claimed that José Mourinho is 'destroying Spanish football' after the second leg of the Spanish Super Cup descended into handbags.

Barcelona ran out 3-2 winners against Real Madrid last night, taking the Super Cup 5-4 on aggregate, thanks to some sparkling play – and two goals – from Lionel Messi. However, despite the quality of the football and the high level of the drama, once again it was all overshadowed by players arguing, shoving and being sent off – three in total.

After the match Pique, who was clearly upset about some of the tackling Madrid indulged in, made his claim about Mourinho. Now of all the things apparently ruining Spanish football, you'd think that organising separate TV deals that completely screw over smaller clubs would be high on the list, but being a pompous Barca man, that sort of stuff isn't a problem when it benefits them. Instead a loud mouth manager is killing the game all on his own. What a fool.

'I do not talk about the brawl. But it's a shame, it is not the first time and it's always the same,' said the Spain international. 'Someone has to take action on the matter. Mourinho is destroying Spanish football. There is talk about the Catalans, but the problem is with Madrid. I think it's going too far. It cannot always end well. In the end this will end very badly.'

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