Jonny Wilkinson not bothered about not kicking

An almighty kerfuffle has broken out over whether to play old hand Jonny Wilkinson or young whipper-snapper Toby Flood at fly half, with fans baying for Flood to be handed the role, and the legendary Wilkinson to be put out to pasture. Predictably the England set up has handled the whole affair atrociously, and now the pair will take part in a kick-off to decide who is going to take the responsibility. Oh dear.

Wilkson, who has landed only nine of his 20 kicks this tournament, compared to Flood's 10 from 13, says that he'll have no problem handing over kicking duties to his rival. Somehow we don't think that's true, but it's nice of him to say so, eh?

'Toby and I will both be preparing as hard as we can and we'll probably make that decision after we've been to the stadium,' said Wilkinson. 'It's safe to say Toby has knocked some great kicks over already, he's looking good and he's in fine form. We'll see how he's preparing and I'm preparing.

'I'm always confident. I'm never afraid to take them. There have been two kicks in this tournament I wouldn't mind taking back but the rest I've been happy with. It's important that whatever decision we make is for the team.'

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