Jonny Wilkinson hints at international retirement

Jonny Wilkinson has hinted that he may retire from international rugby. The hero of the 2003 World Cup told reporters that he is no longer motivated by international rugby and sees Danny Cipriani as his successor in the No. 10 shirt.

The Newcastle stand-off is currently out injured but spoke about his future in the game: "If I wanted to play for England I could maybe get back in there like I did before, and I could hang in there for a bit and not really enjoy myself."

Wilkinson continued: "The key for me is going out there and playing without fear and being the best I can be. If I'm being the best I can be, there is nothing else. It's irrelevant being an England player or not."

Despite flashes of brilliance against Australia last week, Cipriani was unconvincing with the boot and Wilkinson's possible retirement at only 29 would reduce England's options greatly.

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