Jonny Wilkins-gone

Former England hero and semi-permanent crock Jonny Wilkinson has signed for French club Toulon in a one-year deal that will net him a minimum of €700,000. Mental money for rugby's very own Michael Owen.

The deal guarantees Wilkinson's availability for England Tests and training camps, as he still feels that he has something to offer his country, in the unlikely event he can stay fit for a decent period of time.

'That was my decision (to sign a one-year contract) because I want to stay in control of my future,' said the 29-year-old. 'But I would hope and expect it to be a success and for me to re-sign for longer. And I hope that this will be the springboard to what I see as another five years in my career.

'I hope it will give me the games to rebuild an international career, too. I haven't played, for obvious reasons, and so I haven't figured for England and I want that to change. And because I haven't had the games, I have just seen a Lions tour slip by.'

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