John Terry's dad beaten up by Spurs fans

John Terry’s dad was beaten up by Tottenham thugs at a London Tube station, in a sickening attack which left him barely conscious.

Ted Terry, who has run afoul of the law himself thanks to his cocaine dealing, was beaten black and blue by a group of Spurs fans at Upminster station in east London. They were on their way back from seeing their team lose 4-2 at Bolton when they spotted Terry, and decided that slapping about a 56 year old man would be a clever thing to do.

‘Ted suffered a nasty wound to the back of his head that required a lot of stitches,’ said a family friend to The Sun. ‘He is upset he was attacked by so-called football fans purely because his son plays for a rival team. John is also very shocked about what has happened.’

‘We are investigating the assault of a 56-year-old man at Upminster station at 10pm last Saturday,’ said a spokesman for the British Transport Police.

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