John Terry vows to clear his name

John Terry, Chelsea and England skipper, has strongly denied accusations that he made racist comments during an altercation with QPR defender Anton Ferdinand.

Rumours have been circling on the internet about what Terry is alleged to have said. Numerous videos have been posted to YouTube, and amateur lip readers have suggested that Terry called Ferdinand a "black ****" during the bad tempered match at Loftus Road.

Terry insists that the remark was taken out of context, and that he was in fact questioning Ferdinand over an accusation about a racist remark. He claims that the full comment was: "Oi, Anton, do you think I called you a black ****?"

Ferdinand is believed to be considering lodging a formal complaint against Terry. The FA are coming under pressure to intervene, but sources say that they are reluctant to do so unless they receive an official complaint.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said on Monday night: "We can confirm police have been notified of an incident on Sunday, October 23 involving alleged racial abuse. This is currently being assessed by officers from Hammersmith and Fulham."

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