John Terry quits Chelsea!

Since allegations flooded the tabloids that John Terry had been ‘playing away from home’ the footballer has showed no signs of cracking under the media pressure on the pitch, playing near flawless football for his club Chelsea. But now that Chelsea face a relatively easy FA Cup tie with Cardiff this weekend the former England Captain has decided to take a few days leave to focus on his private life.

Chelsea’s assistant manager Ray Wilkins talked to the BBC about the decision: ‘John [Terry] has been given a few days leave and he will not play on Saturday’, and will instead fly to Dubai to see his wife Toni and their two daughters.'

Chelsea’s manager Carlo Ancelotti has also shown support for his captain and before last nights match 2-1 defeat for Chelsea against Everton said, ‘he [Terry] has not asked for any time off to see his wife. My preference is what he wants. I am totally supportive of him. We will make the decision together.’

John Terry is expected to return as captain of Chelsea when they face Wolves in the Premiership on Saturday 20th February.

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