John Terry: I'm staying

England and Chelsea captain John Terry has finally spoken about the rumoured transfer to Manchester City, and said that there was no way that he was going up north to newly mega rich City, no how. He also claimed that he is totally committed to the club.

‘I am totally committed to Chelsea (see? - Ed) and always have been,’ said Terry in a statement released by the club. ‘Chelsea have also made it clear to me consistently that there was never any intention to accept any kind of offer. When you are linked with any club, or with a manager who I have huge respect for, it will always make headlines, but me leaving Chelsea was never a possibility.

‘I know there has been comment that I should have made a statement earlier. However, throughout this period there have been numerous discussions between myself, the owner and the Chelsea board and we all agreed that the timing of any statement would suit everyone involved in those talks, not any outside influences or agendas. What is clear to me following those discussions is that Chelsea's ambition remains as high as ever.’

In unrelated news, Terry is reportedly going to soon sign a new contract with a pay raise from the piffling £135,000 a week he currently gets paid to the more respectable £150,000 that’s more worthy of a player of his stature.

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