John Higgins wins UK Championship

John Higgins won one of the greatest snooker finals in living memory last night, winning the last five frames to snatch the UK Championship from Mark William’s grasp.

Higgins won 10-9, recovering from four down with five to play to beat an astonished Williams. The Scot has been on fire since his six-month suspension (for failing to report a suspicious betting approach) ended on 2 November, winning 18 out of 19 matches, as well as scooping his 22nd major ranking title, but he has been beset with personal problems: not only will the stink of the allegations surrounding his ban linger, but his father is extremely ill.

‘It's not just for my dad, it's for all my family,’said a clearly emotional Higgins after his dramatic victory. ‘It means everything to me to be back playing and competing. It's what dreams are made of. I thought 9-5 was a mountain to climb but I never gave up.’

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