John Higgins wins the World Championship

John Higgins won his fourth Snooker World Championship yesterday, after coming from behind to beat aggressive young gun Judd Trump.

The Scot won 18-15 in a topsy-turvy match which saw him three frames behind the Bristolian on two occasions – at 10-7 and 12-19 – but in the end his experience told and he ground down Trump with some smart snooker, and even some cavalier play of his own.

The victory caps a difficult 12 months for Higgins, who was banned for six months after not reporting an approach to fix snooker matches to the authorities, and suffered the death of his father in February. However snooker-wise Higgins has been on fire, winning five tournaments, including three ranking events: the UK Championship, the Welsh Open and the World Championship.

‘It has been amazing, an unbelievable 12 months but it has been great,’ said Higgins. ‘It was really tough match-play. I knew I had to come into the third session (yesterday afternoon) and play great, and I think I did that to get back into the match and make Judd think a little bit.

‘He was the better player. He was playing a brand of snooker I have never seen before in my life. It was unbelievable the amount of long shots he was potting, it was incredible. It was great to watch - we have got the new sensation of the game.’

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