John Higgins beats The Rocket

John Higgins made it into the semi-finals of the World Snooker Championships after beating Ronnie O’Sullivan in an epic 23-frame contest.

The Scot won 13-10 after starting the third session at 8-8, and took the final frame after an outrageous fluke while playing a safety; accidentally planting a red in the middle pocket. However O’Sullivan could have no complaints, as he blew several good chances to win frames, and gifted Higgins chances where there should never have been any.

‘I made far too many elementary mistakes which is unforgivable at this level, or any level, even amateur level,’ The Rocket said. ‘I can't sit here and say I deserved to win because I don't think I did. I think I did well to get 10 frames.

‘It was still sub-standard snooker, but I wasn't smashing myself to pieces out there. I'm in a better place, I feel happier, I feel better about life. It's not the playing that was hard for me, it was the in-between bits, the thinking and pondering about playing. I know it's not going to improve my game but if I can feel better about playing rubbish then I might hang around.

‘I still want to play well. It's a work-in-progress thing, and if it means thinking great but playing like that, that isn't good enough for me. But I'll be patient with it.’

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