Joey Barton sacked by Newcastle United

Joey Barton was sacked by Newcastle United yesterday morning after repeated clashes between him and the board over transfer policy. Barton's agent Willie McKay will no doubt be fielding plenty of calls from interested clubs, many of whom will be desperate to get a international class midfielder (albeit a complete nuts one) on their books for cheap.

Barton was apparently distraught at the selling of Andy Carroll to Liverpool and Kevin Nolan to West Ham, and has suggested that there is widespread dressing room unrest at the way the club is being managed. However the end came after Newcastle's 3-2 defeat to Leeds United on Sunday, after which he followed in Josè Enrique's footsteps and accused the club of lacking ambition. Suffice to say he is not a happy bunny.

'Somewhere in those high echelons of NUFC, they have decided, I am persona non grata,' he raged on Tiwtter. 'I am on a free but the honour of wearing those B+W stripes, surpasses that. One day the board might realise, what the shirt signifies. HONOUR and PRIDE. Thanks for your continued support........... #toonarmy.

'If only we as players could tell the fans exactly how it is, without them above fining us lots of money. There will be a time and a place. If it wouldn't effect team morale and cause unrest within the dressing room, am certain Jose's comments would be the tip of the iceberg.....

'And again it would be left to those magnificent fans to pick up the remnants of their once great football club. #hadenoughofcertainpeople. If I wanted to leave, I'd just come out and say I want to leave. Things need addressing as am not prepared to go through a relegation again.'

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