Joey Barton refused visa for the USA

Joey Barton has had something of a chequered career so far: the Liverpudlian has been involved in a series of violent episodes, and in 2008 was jailed for assault, before being given a suspended sentence for another assault – this time on a Manchester City teammate. Many people were concerned that he hadn't paid the price for his wild behaviour, but now he has – he's been banned from travelling to the United States.

Barton was supposed to be travelling to the States with Newcastle United for their pre-season tour, but was refused a visa by the authorities. This means that he will instead be going to Holland with the reserve team, instead of lining against the likes of Columbus Crew in the sunshine.

'Unfortunately, I was denied my visa due to my past,' he said. I regret not being able to travel with the club on this trip, but at the same time, I don't expect to be treated any differently or more favourably than anyone else in a similar situation. All I can do is continue to improve as a person, which is what I intend to do.

'Again, apologies to all the NUFC supporters, as well as the fast-growing legions of football supporters, in the United States who I was looking forward to meeting. I will see you in the future.'

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