Jockey’s championship is dead-heat

To many, a draw in sport is anathema. The Americans go to extraordinary extra-time lengths to ensure their national games always produce a clear winner every single time. Winning is – as they say – what it’s all about.

When we support a team or an individual, over many weeks of a season or in an individual event, we expect to see a clear winner, don’t we? No one could imagine, say, Liverpool and West Ham sharing the Premier League title, could they? Don’t answer that.

So Seb Sanders and Jamie Spence should have been made to settle the Flat Jockey’s Championship once and for all at the weekend. Instead, they shared the title.

How should they have settled it? Arm-wrestling? One last race – mano a mano, sans chevaux? Whichever way they did it, surely it’s better than a dead boring dead-heat?

(Image: from loop_oh's flickr stream)

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