Looking for JJB sports equipment?

Not only is JJB Sports well known on the High Street and on retail parks nationwide but it is also now one of the largest online retailers of sports clothing and equipment. Originally specialising in mainly football attire, JJB Sports has gone on to sell a massively varied range of sports clothes and equipment for a huge variety of popular, and less popular sports.

JJB Sports equipment includes items for sports such as football, golf, cricket, tennis, rugby, running and swimming. They also sell treadmills, benches, exercise bikes, cross trainers, weights, rowing machines and multi-gyms. Also sold are supports such as those for knees and backs, supplements and heart rate monitors.

Cycling equipment includes inner tubes, tyres, mud guards,bike locks, bells, lights, helmets, pumps and of course bikes themselves. The range of bikes is good and will appeal to those interested in cycling from mountain biking to road racing and time trials. They also sell equipment for indoor sports such as badminton, basketball, boxing, darts, games tables, snooker, pool, squash and table tennis.

Other sports with equipment available at JJB Sports are baseball,garden games such as frisbee, hurling, netball, gaelic football, hockey, skates and skate boarding, sledging and other pursuits associated with general fitness. Some of these sports are quite unusual and therefore it can be difficult to find the correct equipment at a reasonable price. If this is your concern, JJB Sports has the equipment and is well worth a visit. It is also handy to know that they sell bags for the equipment that you can buy either in store or online.

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