Jessica Ennis loses heptathlon world title

As was predicted yesterday, Jessica Ennis has lost her world heptathlon title to Tatyana Chernova, after yesterday's poor show in the javelin.

That left Ennis needing to beat the Russian in the 800m by seven seconds or more, a tall enough order in itself, let alone when coming up against an athlete of the class of the Russian. Despite being 'devastated' at losing her world champ status, the Brit is happy that she got any poor performances out of her system before next summer's Olympics, where she feels she must go for gold in front of her home fans.

'If it was any year then it was good it was this year, before the Olympics, so I can get it out of my system,' Ennis said. 'I can make the corrections and come back stronger.

'I was so poor and Chernova's was so good and that was enough to take the gold medal. I was devastated straight after the javelin. I knew I had thrown it away. I had a few hours to get my thoughts together. I had to beat her by eight seconds and that was virtually impossible.

'I think it's been a matter of time for Chernova. She's had all components, but had just never put it all together in a big championships. She did today and she's a really good, strong athlete. I've always been aware of that and I need to go away and work a bit harder so I can take her next year.'

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