Jessica Ennis at risk of losing world heptathlon title

Great Britain's Jessica Ennis is at risk of losing her world title to Russian Tatyana Chemova in the heptathlon after a shocking performance in the javelin.

Ennis performed magnificently in the long jump, equaling her personal best of 6.51m, but could only throw the javelin 39.95m, seven metres should of her best, after Chemova threw a monster 52.95m. The upshot of which now means that the Briton is 133 points behind and has to beat the Russian by seven seconds in the 800m to retain her title.

'She'll be incredibly distressed at the moment. I'm a little bit on the stunned side at the moment,' said Enni's coach Toni Minichiello. 'She should have done better in the javelin and she will know it.

'It went really well at the training camp in Ulsan. And I'm amazed you can come to a major championship and have a patch on the javelin runway. But after her practice throws, we were thinking '45m, only three seconds behind Chernova in the 800m, so game on'. But now we're looking at eight or nine seconds, it's big, big game on.'

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