Jenson Button claims 'perfect race'

Jenson Button says that he drove the ‘perfect race’ at the Singapore Gran Prix yesterday, despite finishing fifth and way off the pace.

The Brit’s seemingly poor finish actually stretched his lead over team-mate Rubens Barrichello in the Driver’s Championship by one point to 15, and put himself one step closer to winning the world title for the first time in a career that up until now has flattered to deceive.

‘I came away with a result which doesn't look so good on paper, but it's almost like a victory to win these points,’ he said. ‘I gained one point on Rubens and lost one point on Sebastian Vittel so all in all it is almost the perfect race.

‘I'll go to Japan tomorrow feeling very positive and looking forward to the next race. Psychologically, you will have to ask Rubens. Factually, it means that I have won more points. I have a 15-point lead instead of 14 points. Rubens can still beat me, for sure, but this result has taken a lot of weight off my shoulders, so it is a good finish.’

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